With an ordinary sales training program, you have no choice but to settle for Clark Kent. In contrast, a high-impact sales training program can do wonders. It can turn a sales rep into a high-performing super salesperson.

The impact of great sales training is undeniable and as clear as day. According to McKinsey, well-trained sales reps perform 8 times better than their peers. Another study, by CSO Insights, has found evidence to suggest at least a 10% increase in win rates by salespeople who complete a top-rated sales training program.

A great sales training program can be a game-changer for you and your company. But with hundreds of programs, choosing the best sales training that’s right for you can be a daunting task.

Okay, let us make it easy for you. Here is a list of the Top 10 Sales Training Programs in the World. They are generating the maximum buzz and attracting the maximum applicants and transforming them into selling machines.

(#1) 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

This course from Brain Tracy is truly an elite program to make your sales reps elite performers. Brain Tracy is one of the biggest names in the industry; his books, speeches, and opinions are keenly followed and quoted. His training programs are hugely popular; they focus on both ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’.

The 12-week-long online training program deals with all major steps of the sales process. From Prospecting to Getting Referrals and Repeat Business – this elite training program explores, in vivid detail, the seven key dimensions of sales. Apart from the two mentioned previously, the course also casts light on subjects such as Developing Trust and Credibility, Selling Value, Identifying the Buyer’s Problems, Overcoming Resistance, and Closing.

Those who join the sales training course also gain access to 24 videos (multiple views allowed), exercises, workbooks, and bonus training modules.

Duration of the Course: 3 months

Price: $997

(#2) Inside Sales Consulting

Inside Sales Consulting and various other training courses are produced by Sales Hacker. The consulting and training company provides in-person and online courses on all subjects related to sales. Richard Harris, the man who heads the programs, has in the past held every conceivable sales position there is, from Inside Sales Representative, Inside Sales Manager, to Director of Sales Operations.

Sales Hacker in collaboration with industry leaders – the best brains in the industry – develops courses, conducts seminars, and produces training materials that impart valuable sales skills to the sellers. The training programs deal with subjects such as Designing Sales Team Organization, Marketing Funnels, Sales Conversations, Compensation Plan, Service Level Agreements, and more – in short, every possible topic on sales.

There is more; every week, the company hosts two free seminars; they regularly publish thought leadership content, and host Revenue Summit – an annual conference on sales. The videos of the summit are also uploaded on YouTube.

Duration of the Course: Various

Price: Ask Richard Harris

(#3) B2B Phone Skills Improvement Program

Failure can be demoralizing for a sales team – it can affect their confidence and self-esteem, impinge on their ability to achieve goals, and most importantly, hamper the growth and bottom line of the company. Most sales teams lack the time and resource to analyze failures and find effective solutions.

Luckily for them, Michael Pedone of Sales Buzz has taken the responsibility to find answers to the most pressing of sales questions. He has analyzed the cause of failure and evolved strategies that could help millions of people succeed in inside sales.

In the two-month-long course, sellers are taught how to generate interest within seconds, get past the gatekeepers, make the prospects to open up, identify the buying motives, identify the real objection, close sales, and  ask for referrals.

The interactive sales classes are well supported by complete scripts, quizzes, workbooks, exercises, and an exam after every training session. The recording of the training sessions is also made available for future reference.

Duration of the Course: Two Months

Price: $2500 (for a group of five members or less)

(#4) Smart Calling College

This training program deals with one of the toughest sales techniques – Cold Calling. At best, sales reps have only a few seconds to convince a prospect to buy or move to the next stage of the sales funnel. Despite the rise of mass media, email, and social media, direct verbal communication with people is still one of the best techniques to succeed in sales.

The training program developed by Art Sobczak has enabled thousands of sales professionals to hone their communication skills. The whole sales call process is dealt with from start to finish, in a step-by-step manner. All important topics, how to engage prospects, overcome objections, what questions to ask, adding value to each process of sales, asking for follow-up calls, and much more, are discussed thoroughly. While training programs of similar nature stop at teaching, focusing only on ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’, the Smart Calling College inside sales training program goes a step further and teaches ‘how to do’.

Once registered, users gain lifetime access to past training programs and all future videos, webinars, and learning material.

Duration of the Course: Eight hours (spread over four weeks)

Price: $895 (company’s first attendee); $795 (for subsequent attendees from the same company)

(#5) HubSpot Inbound Sales

This sales training program by HubSpot is perhaps the best free resource of its kind on the internet. Using the Inbound Sales Methodology, the HubSpot Academy guides salespeople, inbound marketers, sales trainers, and sales managers to get better at their chosen field of expertise.

The sales landscape is changing constantly and fast; the same old tactics that worked a decade or even a couple of years ago have become obsolete now. The short, three-hour Inbound Sales Program is the perfect course to stay up-to-date with modern sales techniques. The meticulously crafted training program focuses on all valuable subjects, from how to identify potential buyers to how to develop personalized presentations.

After you clear the exam, at the end of the course, a badge that can be displayed on your website, emails, and LinkedIn profile will be handed to you.

Duration of the Course: Three hours

Price: Free

(#6) Sales Training and Strategy

The sales leadership of every company faces, at some point in time, challenges that seem insurmountable. Some of the most common challenges include lack of superstar salespeople, absence of a winning strategy, lack of cooperation between sales reps and sales teams, losing customers or leads to low-cost competitors, inconsistent results, and unable to identify the target audience/buyer.

The Sales Training and Strategy Program by Marc Wayshak helps the sales teams, grappling in the dark, to find solutions that are efficient, effective, and long-lasting. The author of several best-selling books on sales and leadership, Marc Wayshak is the best advisor a company can get. He aims to use his vast experience to help the sales leadership to maximize their return on investment.

Duration of the Course: Varies

Price: Ask Marc Wayshak

(#7) Science-Based Sales System by preHIRED

The preHIRED Science-Based Sales System is for people looking to make a career in sales in SaaS, aiming for a promotion, and/or want to excel in sales. Even if you don’t have any sales experience, preHIRED will train you in every aspect of sales, teach you how to apply for a sales job, ace the interview, and negotiate your sales job offers. The program is around 40-60 hours; you can complete at your own pace.

The preHIRED system guarantees that most people who attend their program land a high paying job within 6 weeks. Such confidence stems from the fact that the program uses only scientifically-proven methods to make you into elite sales professional.

As part of the Science-Based Sales System Program, you get over 15 powerful modules, 20-plus videos, and scripts, templates, and checklists. There is more, as a bonus, each member gets access to members group, anytime email and live chat support, and 1-on-1 coaching session with preHIRED trainers.

Duration of the Course: 40-60 hours

Price: Ask preHIRED

(#8) Bespoke Online Training

Even after attending sales training programs most sales team fail or show no signs of improvement. That’s because most training programs are not designed to address your specific needs and requirements.

MTD Sales Training – the creator of the Bespoke Online Training – understands that you’re unique and your requirements are unique. They work with you, understand your needs, and craft programs and solutions that you want and need.

The sales training program uses different types of content to effectively convey ideas and strategies. The content varies in form and size. For example; the program uses short, say 60-120 seconds motion graphic clips to convey a focused message. The highly skilled team of MTD also works with you to create custom sessions based on what you sell and how you sell. MTD also makes available over 500 training sessions for you to lease or purchase for future use.

Duration of the Course: Varies

Price: Varies; Ask MTD Sales Training

(#9) Virtual Sales Training by Hoffeld Group

The Hoffeld Group offers one of a kind training program that uses science to develop content for the course and to impart and deliver the content to the trainees. The Hoffeld Group has turned to Cognitive Neuroscience for answers to some basic yet crucial questions on sales and skill acquisition – ‘How does the brain form trust?’ ‘How do we make buying decisions?’ and ‘How the brain masters new skills?’

The science-based Virtual Sales Training program includes as many as 20 courses, covering a wide variety of topics – from Developing Sales Mindset, Selling with Stories, to Improving Sales Skills and Sales Leadership.

There is no fixed timeline for the training program; its ongoing and flexible – a perfect solution for busy sales professionals. The good news doesn’t end there; trainees get access to more than 145 short yet highly-actionable video modules, 80-plus real-world simulations, and exercises, real-time reporting to track the progress of the sales reps, quizzes and tests, and badges and certifications after the completion of Virtual Sales Training program.

Duration of the Course: Varies

Price: Varies; Ask Hoffeld Group

(#10) Sales Readiness Group

The Sales Readiness Group has been named as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies in 2019. The group promises to unlock the full potential of your salespeople and sales team.

Sales leadership has for ages wasted money on sales courses that hash up old techniques to present them as new, innovative sales strategies. Sales reps who attend such training program often forget what they learn even before the course ends. To make the training stick, SRG focuses on changing the thought process, approach, and behavior of your sales reps to improve performance and ensure better results.

The success of a company rests on the shoulders of the sales team as well as sales management. For the sales reps, SRG has developed programs that aim to improve selling skills, consulting skills, and negotiating skills. The group also has programs for the sales leadership so that they could be better sales coaches for the reps.

Duration of the Course: Varies

Price: Ask Sales Readiness Group

Final Thoughts

A top-rated sales training program will help the sales professionals and businesses face the challenges of a fast-changing and highly competitive business environment. Only high-impact, up-to-date, relentless training can impart the right skills to succeed in this tough environment.

We understand that everyone is unique. So, peruse the list of the Top 10 Sales Training Programs in the World and pick the one that’ll make you a winner.