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Business owners obsess about their sales process. Their funnels, what they will say and when.

They think people will neatly follow their automated emails, and then click to buy.


Your buyers needs change through the sales process.

Business owners must understand the sales process OF THE BUYER. Otherwise you will literally give away valuable margin that you could use to grow your business.

When a client begins looking for something they are trying to learn about it, and get their head around it. This is when PRICE (or affordability) is most important.

When they are about to buy, they are worried about RISK. What if they buy it, and it goes wrong?

This is why up sells work so well.

You offer the cheapest product to begin with when your client is in RESEARCH MODE to ensure it does not put off a client.

But when they are comfortable and in BUYING MODE its time to ensure you have ways to reduce the RISK A CLIENT perceives.

The biggest risk for a client is that something goes wrong or they spend money and it doesn’t work.

If you understand this, clients will then be willing to pay more if it mitigates the level of risk they are exposed to.

There is a really detailed article on this here:

Scroll down to Figure 2.4 about halfway down. Its largely taken from a book called Solution Selling which if you have the time is well worth a read.